Title: Glamourous

Pairing: Louis Tomlinson x Original Character
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Smut, Dom!Louis, StripperAU!, Dirty talk, Control, Teasing, Language, Spanking, PainKink, Anal, 
Summary: Louis bought you for the night, and he intends to use you completely. Your first night on the job ends up being more intense then all your training combined. 
Word Count: 1176

Sparkly, midnight blue, fake eyelashes for tonight’s show. Most nights were average, get dressed in the normal outfit, dance a little, get some money, sing a song, a few lap dances, and go home to sleep.

But tonight was something new. I am not longer a stripper. I am a show girl for a call company. So, out comes the expensive make up and light perfume. 

Here comes the lavish private rooms I’ve been trained to work in.

I’d spent two months in a dom dungeon working as a professional submissive, and the word of mouth brought me from the bottom of the trade to the top in one swipe.

So, here was my moment. I was a real show girl now, paid to dance until the client was hard enough to have their way with me. It was both exciting and scary.

My first client was a celebrity, top secret. I didn’t even know who they were, I just knew never to say no, and if I use my safe word, I’d better have a damn good reason.

I look myself over in the mirror. Dark blue lace thong and matching half bra, barely covering my nipples, with a front snap closure so it can be taken off easily. Over it, a see through night dress and a silk robe to top it all off, so I can meet with them first. Finishing my bare, tanned legs are silver heels with thick heels, meant to help me keep my balance if they choose to make me stand for the deed. My makeup is flawless and my hair is in loose curls down my back.



You strut from your dressing room to the circular pod that’s been assigned to you. Sitting in the velvet room, on the big, round bed on the far side, across from the mirrors, is Louis Tomlinson of One Direction. Your breath hitches. He’s been single for two years now, not known to date. 

He looks confident and smiles wide when you enter, strutting over to him and sitting next to him on the bed, ankles crossed and hands folded, looking up at him through your lashes.

“Hello, Gorgeous.”

“Hello, Master.”

He smiles, the bulge in his pants growing at the word ‘master’, “Safe word?”

“Glamourous, Master.”

Louis actually laughs but nods, “Glamourous. I like you, Love.”

You secretly reward yourself for winning him over, but outwardly give a small nods and bite your lip teasingly, “I like pleasing you, Master.”

“Good girl. Right, well…”

You understand, standing as your song begins to play. You have three dances and five songs he’s paid for, the last two you’ll just have to improvise. By the fourth song, he’s naked on the bed, cock out, stroking his thick length. You estimate he’s at least seven, maybe eight inches long and definitely the thickest you’ll ever have taken.

It’s a good thing you like a challenge.

Half way through your last song, you swing around the pole and are confronted by Louis grabbing your hips and grinding his hard length into your thong clad ass.

He growls in your ear, “I hope you clean all your holes, because I’m not wrapping it.”

You nod, letting out a little panted moan. Louis slaps your ass, hard.

“Use words or I’ll punish you.”

“Yes, master!”

Louis turns you around, towering over your small frame as he demands you take off your heels. You oblige. He sits on the bed, growling roughly,

“On your knees, now! Suck.”

You drop to your knees immediately, teasing his tip with the tip of your tongue before taking half of him. He’s very thick indeed. You try to take more, but he has other ideas, grabbing the back of your head and forcing you down bob by bob until you think you’re going to pass out. You’ve long since lost your gag reflex, but he’s so thick you can’t get any air, and tears stream down your face. After a few more hard thrusts into your face, he cums down your throat, commanding, 


You do so and he releases you. You fall back, coughing and gasping for air. He looks at you darkly, smirking.

“Over my knees, now.”

You know better then to protest. He lays you over his knees and hard member, slapping your ass so hard you yelp.

“Count in your head. Be as loud as you want, but if the number is incorrect, I double it.”

You receive 40 hard slaps, 20 on each cheek. You’re correct and he tells you to crawl up the bed, arms in the cuffs. You place your wrists in the soft but tight leather and gentle fluff cuffs. Louis cuffs you in, grabbing some lube. You try to relax knowing what’s coming. Louis moves into position, pushing your thighs to your chest and lining up with your ass, speaking in a menacing coo,

“I’m going to ream your ass, because I’m sure your cunt isn’t tight. Isn’t that right whore?” He slaps your tits for emphasis. 

Then he gets and idea, hopping off the bed and grabbing some toys from your wall. He comes back to unsnap your bra, not bothering to uncuff you and remove it completely, content to allow your nipples to be exposed. He clamps the harsh, jaw claps on your tender nipples, causing you to scream in pain as he pulls on the end, grinning.

“I’m going to tighten your cum, bitch.” Louis grabs the lube and a huge vibrator, pushing it into your pussy and turning it onto high.

Your core is so wet, you think you might explode from stopping your orgasm. You moan and wiggle, panting out pleadingly,

“Please master, need to cum. Want to so bad. I’m a bad whore. Take my tight ass, cum with me.”

Louis smiles and nods, “I intend to.”

Louis lines up again, pushing your legs to your head and thrusting his lubed up member into your ass. You thank yourself for always stretching and cleaning yourself inside and out before appointments with doms. He slides in with a little difficulty and your breath catches as you adjust to the stretch.

He pushes deeper and deeper until he bottoms out. He places the chain connecting your tits in your mouth, telling you to keep it there and pull when you cum. He says to cum as much as you can.

On your fifth orgasm, you feel an odd sensation, and realize too late what’s about to happen. He thrusts deep inside you, cumming. As he gets off the bed, the vibrator gets you to your last orgasm, cum seeping out of your ass, nipples swollen and bleeding. You squirt, screaming loudly,


Louis turns and smiles broadly before pulling the vibrator out and unclipping your nipples before pushing a butt plug into your hole and uncuffing you. 

His demeanor is ever confident and he throws a huge wad of cash on the table.

“Good girl. See you next time.”

Perhaps, this job would have fun nights…Louis nights.